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My research is broadly in computational mass spectrometry and spans several different areas

Repository Scale Computational Methods


I am the primary creator of the GNPS analysis platform that is being currently used by tens of thousands of researchers worldwide. It includes tightly integrated analysis workflows that has drastically made


BLAST for nucleotides has transformed the way scientists can connect their own data to the wealth of public data availble in petabytes in NCBI and Short Read Archive (SRA). I have built out tools specifically to bring the same paradigm to mass spectrometry.


The ability to mine public data

Mass Spectrometry Knowledgebases

It is crucial in the mass spectrometry field to capture knowledge acquired through the sweat of individual researchers throughout the community. We tackle this challenge through multiple directions: consistent metadata capture of entire samples through the ReDU infrastructure, and structural knowledge of individual mass spectrometry measurements (specifically MS/MS spectra).

Mass Spectrometry Visualization Tools

I have a keen interest in making mass spectrometry tools and data easily shareable and visualizable.

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